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Rainbow of Scents

Below is a list of aromas I use to produce my products.  If you don’t see the one you like or want, just contact me via the Contact page.

Banana Coconut Strawberry Baby Powder Very Lemon
Cedar Wood Almond & Chia Gardenia Vanilla Almond
Ginger Alpine Cheer Flower Cart Lavender Sage
Cinnamon Apple & Cinnamon Birds Of Paradise Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey
Clean Cotton Apple, Mango, Tango Cannabis Birthday Cake
Fresh Cut Rose Apple Pie Christmas Wreath Tea Tree
Holiday Berry Ocean Rain Spearmint Peppermint
Lavender Sage Lavender Eucalyptus Cool Coconut
Ocean Water Cherry Blossom Fresh Water Cucumber Butterfly Flower
Pumpkin Spice Black Cherry Almond Honey Fresh Bamboo
Baked Bread Aloha Waikiki Lemon Grass Wisteria
Sweet Honey Suckle Patchouli Orange Fresh Zest Lemon
London For Men Intuition For Men Black Tie For Men Drakkar Noir For Men